In a self-governing society
Who should we call on to fix broken government?

We can blame politicians, the media, or special interests
Till we're red or blue in the face
But sometimes you just have to turn the mirror around.

Do you want to become more effective as a citizen?
Do you want to help shape public policy rather than be shaped by it?
Do you want to make your voice heard loudly -- but without screaming?

Song Of A Citizen is a resource to help you do all that and more.
And to help you inspire others to do the same.

So take a look around this website -- and prepare to
Re-Link Yourself to Self-Government!

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Since the Video Op-Eds are the heart and soul of this venture, I wanted to give a shout out to two super talented people who made enormous creative contributions to the initial video series.  They are mentioned on the Production Credits page of this website, but I wanted to elaborate a bit.